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Competition Requirements

This competition is open to licensed architects. Entry fee is $150 for members of AIA Indiana and IBA; for non-members the fee is $300. Additional entries after the initial registration are $50 each. Entry fee for students (with proof of status) is $25.

Competition Requirements

This is an anonymous submittal competition and will be judged by expert jurors as well as advisors from the municipalities of each site location.  Juror recognition will be given to the winning entry for each of the three potential sites described below, with a Grand Prize of $5,000 being awarded to the top winning entry. The final decision regarding the number and cash amount of awards is left wholly to the discretion of the jury.

Pending financing, the winning teams could potentially construct their winning designs the following year.


Submissions accepted until 4:00PM on 28 February 2017. 

Winners advised no later than 28 March 2017.

Submittal Requirements

Competition entries must be by a team including professionals as outlined above. All team members must be identified by individual name and agree that their names and relevant background information may be shared and promoted by the competition sponsors.

Each entry may include one design only for one of the selected sites from the three options above. Additional designs and/or additional sites require an additional entry package and fee.

Submissions must include as a minimum the following documents:

  1. Design documentation drawings including:
    1. Site plan (minimum 1:20 scale)
    2. Floor plans (minimum 1/8” = 1’-0”)
    3. All exterior elevations (minimum 1/8” = 1’-0”)
    4. Building section(s) as needed to adequately present the design
    5. One or more perspectival views of the design adequate to communicate the contextual setting and the unique features of the design
    6. One page text description explaining the conceptual approach and solution
  2. Cost estimate: Affordability and initial construction cost including:
    1. Probable construction costs categorized by major trades
    2. Separate site and building costs
    3. Assume availability of utilities at subject property lines
  3. Entry identity document: Each team must submit a list of team members and contact information. For judging, the identities of the teams will be concealed on the materials shown to the jury.

All submittal materials will be gathered via a web portal link that will be provided upon registration.  Drawings are to be formatted as digital Adobe PDF 24” x 36” presentations boards, no more than (4). Additionally, each board must be submitted as a high-quality jpg to be used for promotion of the competition. Text and worksheets to be submitted as digital Adobe PDF 8-1/2” x 11” documents.

Additional Terms and Conditions / FAQ

Please read and review these additional terms and Conditions before registering for the competition:

  • Participants of the IN_fill Dwelling Design Competition are subject to all regulations and rules set forth by local, state, and national agencies. Employees of any of the sponsoring organizations are ineligible to participate in the competition.
  • Participants, both individually and as a team, agree as a condition of their submittal that their design concepts, ideas, documents, and submittal materials may be shared, reproduced and promoted by the sponsoring organizations to the extent that the sponsoring organizations choose to use them. Participants acknowledge that the sponsoring organizations own the submitted materials and have the right to use them for promotion as submitted and including attribution, but the sponsoring organizations do not own rights to the intellectual property included within the materials submitted. Intellectual property including the design and license to build the design solutions remains with the submitting team. Winning entry(ies) agrees to license, on agreed-upon terms, a one-time only use of the design to the sponsoring organization if construction funding is available.
  • Participants guarantee that their submittal materials are their original work and do not infringe upon any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or any other right of any person or entity, and do not violate any law or previously-existing contract.
  • Fees are not refundable. Expenses incurred by the competitors are the sole responsibility of the competitors and will not be reimbursed.
  • None of the sponsorship organizations are responsible for any injury, claim, or harm caused during the competitor’s participation in this competition.
  • Competitors agree to use the full name of the competition and to credit all of the competition sponsors in any subsequent personal exhibition or publication of the materials arising from this content.
  • By virtue of registering for the competition you elect to waive any and all claims against the sponsoring organizations, jurors, and all related staff arising out of the use of this material and your participation in the competition.
  • The sponsoring organizations do not endorse, claim implied affiliation, nor are they responsible for any third-party content that may be accessed through the competition website.
  • Participants may not directly contact any sponsoring organization associated with the competition regarding the competition, including but not limited to the sponsors, employees, supporters, or jurors. The sole point of contact for this competition should be by email through Jason Shelley, Executive Director of AIA Indiana:
  • By registering I agree that I have read, reviewed, and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the competition.