How to Enter


This competition is open to AIA Indiana architects, IBA builders, and building/ design/ architecture students in Indiana. The entry fee is $150 for AIA Indiana and IBA members. The non-member entry fee is $300. Additional entries after the initial registration are $50 each. Entry fee for students (with proof of status) is $25.


Submission Deadline: February 28 @ 4:00 P.M.

Winners advised no later than March 28


Download Registration Form

Submission Payment Options:

  1. Check – Payable to AIA Indiana and mail to: AIA Indiana, 115 W Washington Street, Suite #955, Indianapolis, IN 46204. The envelope must be postmarked by the submission deadline and include the completed registration form, as well as any necessary proof of student status.
  2. Credit Card – Call AIA Indiana to pay the entrance fee over the phone during business hours at 317-634-6993. The completed registration form (and any necessary proof of student status) can be emailed to



Drawings are to be formatted as digital Adobe PDF 24″ x 36″ presentation boards, no more than four (4). Additionally, each board must be submitted as a high-quality jpg to be used for promotion of the competition. Text and worksheets are to be submitted as digital Adobe PDF 8-1/2″ x 11″ documents.

Submission Options:

  1. Mail a flash drive containing all of the submission documents to the AIA Indiana office. (115 W Washington Street, Suite #955, Indianapolis, IN 46204) Envelope must be postmarked by the submission deadline.
  2. Send an email to Jason Shelley ( with a link to your submission documents hosted by an online file-sharing website such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. All documents must be uploaded by the submission deadline.